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About the designer

PAKHTUSOVA is a Ukrainian brand created by Viktoria Pakhtusova in the city of Odessa in 2015. For many years the designer drew inspiration from the world of high fashion working in retail industry. The clothes of the world’s top brands were side by side with Victoria.

The first collection

Inspired by the ideas from her childhood and recreating them in a new style, with her first collection the designer proves that dreams come true, after all every little girl dreamt of making clothes for her dolls. The presence of unique hand made details underlines and creates a unique image and style of every piece of clothing made with love.

“Babydoll” dresses, peplum tops,  airy blouses with shoulder puffs, A-line dresses, chunky ruffle sleeves represent everything you dreamt of in the new interpretation The Kukla by Pakhtusova.

Clothes made from natural fabrics by European producers, hand-knitted angels wings, mischievous bow and candy colors are only a small part of the world that will become a reality for you.

The brand today

The brand is quickly developing and at present clothes by PAKHTUSOVA can be bought in more than 20 showrooms in 11 cities of Ukraine.

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